Complete Dedication to Safety & Service Excellence

Family Owned & Operated

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Our company is family owned and operated. With over 15 years experience restoring hotel bathtubs, we are completely dedicated to safety & service excellence. 


Eco-Friendly Hotel Bathtub Refinishing, Hotel Bathtub Anti-Slip, Hotel Bathtub Non-Slip

Compared to painting & reglazing, our process is an eco-friendly, paint free alternative. 

Lasts Longer...!!!


 Our restoration lasts longer because it is not a surface coating. We actually restore the original surface.

Family Owned & Operated

Tub Guys Professional Bathtub Restoration LLC is a family owned & operated business that takes pride in setting industry standards in safety & service excellence. We are completely dedicated to honesty, integrity & hard work. With these values in mind every step of the way we believe that we have been able to achieve unmatched results in bathtub restoration. 

With years of experience restoring bathtubs across the country, we understand the problems hotels face each day with their tubs: maintaining the critical non-slip surface, preventing dangerous soap scum buildup & the daily risk of slip and fall accidents, etc. We have spent years developing a restoration method accordingly that is designed specifically to target & prevent these critical safety issues. The result is our one of a kind, eco-friendly restoration method that is able to restore any bathtub back to pristine condition using NO PAINT, NO ACID, NO ODORS!!! We feel so strongly that the results of our restoration cannot be matched or beaten that we are happy to discuss a free sample restoration to demonstrate what we have to offer.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative


One of our goals at Tub Guys has always been to provide restoration solutions that have little or no impact on the environment. For a second, just think of all the hotels currently undergoing restorations. Many of them are replacing rather than restoring their bathtubs. When you replace a tub you can't just take it out and replace it with a new one. It just isn't that simple. A contractor will have to tear it out, replace the plumbing, add more drywall, remove and replace the tile or bathtub surround, and then dispose of the older bathtub and all that excess waste. Thats a lot of old bathtubs, drywall, tile, etc. ending up in landfills. When one considers the fact that refinishing can extend the life of the tub by 10-15 years, it is clear that there is room here for an eco-friendly alternative. .  


One of our goals in formulating our unique restoration method was to benefit the environment whenever possible. Unlike most of our competitors, our 2-Step Bathtub Non-Slip treatment does not contain harmful hydroflouric, hydrochloric, or sulfuric acid. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not use harmful paint or coatings to restore the surface of the bathtub. We instead have developed an environmentally friendly bathtub refinishing method that is able to fully restore the surface of the bathtub,  free of many of the harmful paints, acids, and chemicals used by others.


Some of the benefits of our environmentally safe bathtub refinishing method include not having to deal with the odors and lost room occupancy as you can expect when painting a bathtub. Also, by avoiding harmful acid products we are able to provide non-slip solutions that exceed ASTM Specification F462-79 Consumer Safety Specification for Slip-Resistant Bathing Facilities  and do not destroy the integrity of the bathtub surface as is the case with acid based products.

Eco-Friendly & Paint Free

Our unique eco-friendly restoration is paint and acid free. Because there are no cure times and we do not paint the surface, our teams can restore up to 50 tubs per day...!!!

No Loss of Room Occupancy..!!!

Because our process is not a coating and needs no time to dry or cure, rooms can be used immediately by your guests.  

Close Attention to Detail

Our professional teams have over 10 years experience working in hotel nationwide, managing projects with safety and service excellence in mind 24/7...!!!

Bathtub Refinishing Experts

In less than ten years after a new hotel is built or an older hotel is renovated, the guest rooms will begin to look dated. Bathtubs, ceilings, walls, carpets, and furniture will look worn; they won't appeal to the tastes of many hotel guests. Unless these guests are staying in a resort with an antique decorating scheme, they won’t want to see how worn out the rooms are. They want a shiny, clean room to look the way that homes that are truly lived in never do. This desire is part of paying more for a hotel stay than one would for renting an apartment for the night. People want attractive surroundings whether they’re staying in a two-star hotel property or a five-star resort.   

When hotel managers or owners realize that it’s time to renovate the guest rooms without spending a fortune, they look for how to economize. It will be necessary to buy new carpets and furniture. One way to save on the hotel renovation project is to pay for expert restoration of your property's bathtubs. 

If your property needs bathtubs to be refurbished, don't trust this service to any company claiming to restore 100 bathtubs in a week unless you understand their process. You want to work with restoration experts who take their time and do a quality restoration without harmful side effects for hotel or motel workers or guests.  

You can count on our experts to restore your worn-out bathtubs. We specialize in transforming hotel bathtubs to look like new using a quick and non-invasive process. We are proud that our process of odorless stain removal includes no acid washes and the complete refinishing process produces no noxious fumes. 

You might find it hard to believe that you can hire experts to refinish your hotel bathtubs in an eco-friendly manner. We don’t use paint or harsh chemicals and our restoration process takes only 20 minutes. We can also make your hotel bathtubs and showers safer by adding non-slip treatments. Please contact us for more information today about upgrading the bathtubs in your building. We will be happy to provide a free quote and explain why we are a favorite choice in the hospitality industry!

DO NOT paint or "reglaze" your tubs! Here's why:

Paint will chip & peel from the tub surface

Paint Free Hotel Bathtub Refinishing avoids this problem!

It will discolor from soap, shampoo & hair dye

Paint Free Hotel Bathtub Refinishing