What Causes People to Slip & Fall While Bathing?

Polymerization is a chemical process that occurs when particles stick together & harden over time. Polymerization occurs in bathtubs (and on shower floors) from the buildup & accumulation of soap, shampoo, body oils, dirt, and residue from cleaning chemicals that are not properly cleaned and rinsed from the bathing surface. These particles gather together and harden over time (or "polymerize") forming an impenetrable waxy layer on the surface of the bathtub. This waxy layer is impossible to remove with traditional cleaning methods and is extremely dangerous and slippery (especially when wet). Our unique restoration is designed specifically to TARGET & REMOVE this dangerous and slippery layer from the bathing surface. Removal of this dangerous waxy polymerization layer uncovers and reinstates the original built in factory anti-slip which we then further improve by applying an anti-slip enhancer. 

The result of our eco-friendly surface restoration is a more slip resistant bathing surface that is easier for your staff to maintain. It also fully restores the entire bathtub for a fraction of what it costs to replace, refinish or re-glaze a bathtub.

Our 2-Step Hotel Bathtub Anti-Slip Treatment

Step 1 - Surface Polymerization Removal

The first step of our 2-Step Non-Slip treatment involves a deep surface purge clean and restoration using our eco friendly surface restoration method. This first step is critical because it is designed specifically to target & remove dangerous, slippery, surface polymerization buildup.

Removal of this dirt layer results in an easier to maintain, "like-new" bathtub surface that is free of polymerization buildup. This allows the anti-slip treatment in Step-2 to react directly on the intended porcelain/enamel surface of the bathtub. In order for any non-slip or anti slip treatment to be truly effective, the intended porcelain/enamel surface should be completely free of any type of barrier or buildup. 

Step 2 - Anti Slip Application

Following the removal of surface polymerization buildup, we apply a manufacturer guaranteed, environmentally safe, Anti Slip treatment designed to exceeds the U.S. Government's ASTM F462-79 Safety Specifications For Slip-Resistant Bathing Facilities. The entire bottom of the bathtub is anti-slip treated. This treatment delivers an invisible, permanent anti-slip surface (not a coating) that WILL last up to three years. 

The result of our 2-Step Bathtub Non-Slip Treatment is an old bathtub that appears and functions "like-new" complete with an anti-slip treatment designed to exceed ASTM Specification F462-79 Consumer Safety Specification 



Hotel bathtub Non-Slip that performs daily and exceeds the U.S. Government ASTM Specification F462-79 Consumer Safety Specification for Slip-Resistant Bathing Facilities  is absolutely critical to guest safety and slip & fall prevention. The average cost of a slip and fall injury is $28,000, including medical bills, physical therapy, and missed wages. A death from a slip and fall is estimated to cost an average of $940,000. 

With Slip and Fall accidents resulting in approximately 25,000 hospitalizations daily (as reported by the National Safety Council), we understand the COST & DANGER of slip and fall accidents. At Tub Guys we are absolutely dedicated to guest safety and service excellence. Our goal is to restore old & high occupancy bathtubs to "like-new" condition using our unique bathtub refinishing / restoration method. We strive to assist our customers in achieving the highest levels of guest safety through non-slip solutions designed to exceed ASTM F462-79 Safety Specifications For Slip-Resistant Bathing Facilities. We accomplish these goals through the application of our environmentally safe, 2-Step bathtub non-slip treatment.

Shower floor anti-slip application

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